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If you look good, We look good...

Internet Brand Building Strategists, Digital Media Developers, Organic SEO Consultants and Cloud Solution Providers..

Deploying quality solutions Since 2004..

Since its inception during mid of 2004, Ingrafix always focused on delivering practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions for assisting business in achieving their desired goals. We are expert in Branding, Responsive Web Design, 2D, Multimedia and Social Media Marketing to provide a one-stop hub for all your digital needs.

Ingrafix is a team of innovative, tech savvy entrepreneurs who believe in using digital strategies to maximize the business benefits of an organisation. Digital marketing is perfect for promoting products or brands through various versions of electronic media. We help design your corporate identity visualize online branding strategies through various digital means channels and other broadly used media of internet marketing.

Our vision is to be a reliable consultant capable enough to provide all necessary assistance in setting up a powerful online presence for individuals and small-medium businesses.
We believe if you look good, we look good.
Our mission is to support small-medium business and help them to convert their every spending to a strategic investment while providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to enable an effective online presence successfully.


More than ten years of working experience in deploying websites, web applications internet apps, corporate branding and marketing solutions.

Experts & Wizards

We have experts in multiple platforms to consult, develop and deploy solutions using Microsoft, Linux, Adobe, Java and other Technologies.

In-House Lab

Our in-house development lab, powerful technical infrastructure and experienced professionals provide reliable solutions more faster.

Continuous support

Bringing customized solutions to the customers using state-of-the-art technology with continuous support and efforts to make it success.
Why choose ingrafix ?

How ingrafix is different from other agencies?

Ingrafix is a team of experienced consultants.. We started even before Google started. We know about how internet solutions evolved. We practically went through all early stages of those industry leading solutions and fought with the errors and incompatibilities. We know exactly, which solution you should be using for solving your business problems and how it can help you to cut cost and boost productivity.

Send us a mail for a free consultation, let us audit your infrastructure and discuss further about your issues.

  • Web Hosting and Cloud Services80%
  • Web Design and Development90%
  • Search Engine Optimization95%
  • Digital Media Design & Visualization85%
  • Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce70%
We know how internet solutions evolved.
We literally went through those early stages fighting with a number of errors and incompatibilities.

We know, exactly which solution you should be using for your business and how it can help you to cut cost and boost productivity.